What Challenges Do Specialty Roofing Materials Present?


A property’s roofing is crucial in helping to keep it protected from harsh weather, heat, debris, and other elements that might otherwise cause damage or harm to buildings and their occupants. As such, you must use the right materials to construct a long-lasting roof that won’t require too many repairs or replacements.

Specialty roofing can help create the ideal roof for any home or business, but there are some key considerations to keep in mind when selecting the ideal materials. 

There are multiple challenges that can come with choosing specialty roofing materials, making it important to understand each type of material and the factors that apply to each.

Challenges You May Find With Specialty Roofing Materials

There are several specialty roofing materials you might use to build a roof, depending on what you want to achieve with your roof. For example, if you want to maximize the roof’s durability and longevity, you might use corrosion-resistant metal sheeting and traditional roofing materials, including asphalt. If you want to make your roof more sustainable, you might also opt for more conventional roofing materials.

Regardless of your needs, the following are some of the potential challenges that you’ll need to take into account as you prepare your specialty roofing project.

The Cost of Materials and Installation

One of the first specialty roofing challenges to consider is the cost of both the materials themselves and their installation. 

Specialty materials tend to be more expensive than other types of roofing materials because of their specific requirements and the fact that they’re not as readily available as traditional materials. Material costs may account for their unique design for designated applications, shipping rates, and the complexity of fabrication.

Even if the material costs are lower, you must then consider the installation costs. Specialty materials tend to have more stringent installation requirements to ensure their compatibility with the application, requiring more work and expertise. Installers may also need to cut materials on-site, contributing to increased labor expenses.

The Scope of Installation

In addition to the potential cost of installation, you must also consider the extent of the installation. Specialty roofs may need certain levels of expertise and equipment to ensure successful installation.

Roofing experts may need additional training and time to install specialty roofing materials, along with working knowledge of the material’s properties and how to handle it properly. Additionally, roofing experts may need to prepare special tools for on-site cutting, including various cutters and power tools that facilitate proper installation. 

Repairs and Maintenance Needs

You must also consider the types and frequency of repairs and maintenance you’ll need for your specialty roofing. Often, these materials need more care to maintain than other types of materials because of their vulnerability to corrosion and other forms of wear. 

Depending on the complexity of the material and its vulnerability to wear, repairs could be more complex than what you might find with traditional roofing materials.

The Durability of Roofing Materials

Some specialty roofing materials are more durable than others, which is why you’ll want to choose the right materials based on the kind of strength and longevity you need. For example, if your building is surrounded by trees, you may not want to use single-ply roofing materials as they could sustain punctures if tree branches fall on top of them. 

If your roofing is in a high-temperature environment and is frequently exposed to excessive heat, you should also consider materials like concrete and ceramic over asphalt or metal roofing that are more prone to wear in these environments.

Find the Right Specialty Roofing Solution With Experienced Professionals

If you’re in need of specialty roofing materials for your roofing project, it’s best to work with experts who can help you select the ideal materials that work with your building. Experienced roofing professionals will learn about your home or business and assist with everything from material selection to installation. Get a quote on your roofing project now.