CEventually, your roofing is likely to sustain a degree of wear and tear that makes repairs ineffective at keeping your roof in good shape. You may need a complete replacement to protect your home at some point, but what is that point, exactly?

Let’s explore some of the signs that indicate the need for a roof replacement.

Your Roof’s Age

One key indicator of whether you need a new roof is your roofing’s age. Some roofing materials last as little as a decade, while others can last for up to 50 years or longer. 

Keep in mind the specific materials that make up your roofing. You can expect asphalt shingles to last for up to 20 years in Florida’s climate, while clay tiles are capable of lasting as long as 40 years and metal roofing can stay in good shape for up to 50 years. 

It’s also important to know when contractors installed your roofing. You can then use this date and the material type to conclude whether your roofing is due for a replacement.

Shingle Damage

If you notice that your shingles are experiencing any curling on the edges, that any tabs are cupped, or any shingles are loose or missing, you could need a roof replacement if this damage is spread across a large area. You could also notice cracking in shingles that can allow for leaks.

While you may be able to replace a few problem shingles here and there, widespread cupping and other forms of wear can indicate that it’s time for replacement roofing.

Neighbors Are Getting Roofing Replacements

If you see that one or more of your neighbors are getting their roofing replaced, it might be time to follow suit. The houses in your neighborhood and their roofing are likely around the same age and have experienced the same level of wear over the years, in which case you might want to take a cue from your neighbors and get an inspection to determine if it’s time for you to get a replacement as well.

You Notice an Increase in Energy Costs

High-quality roofing should help you cut down on energy costs, including the costs of air conditioning and heating. If you notice that your energy bill is rising, this could also indicate that your roofing is leaving the home vulnerable. Otherwise, unsecured and low-quality roofing could allow the air in your home to escape, forcing your HVAC system to work harder.

The Roof Is Leaking

Any obvious leakage is a pretty clear sign that you either need roof repairs or a replacement. If it rains and water seeps through the ceiling, this could lead to even more significant water damage that compromises the rest of your home. Don’t wait to reach out to roofing contractors if you’re experiencing any leaks.

Connect With the Right Contractor

If you believe your roofing needs repairs or a replacement, don’t wait until the problem worsens. Get in touch with professionals who can perform an in-depth inspection of your roofing and determine what steps to take to get your roof in great shape. 

Whether you notice any superficial damage to your roofing or more extensive damage, you could benefit from connecting with experts like Champions Roofing for help maintaining your roof. Reach out to us today to get an inspection and an estimate if you suspect a roof replacement is a good idea for your home.