How Do New Roofing Materials Improve Your Home’s Heating Efficiency

AOne of the main advantages of installing new roofing materials is the ability to increase your home’s heating efficiency. The right materials will insulate the home and ensure all occupants within the home are [...]

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Roof Replacement Cost and Types: 2023 Guide for Homeowners and Property Managers

The costs of replacing a residential or commercial roof continues to increase but the cost will always depend on the same factors including the type of roof system you currently have installed, your budget for [...]

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2023 Pros and Cons of Composite Shingle Roofing in Florida

Pros and Cons of Composite Shingle Roofing in Florida Composition shingles, also known as asphalt shingles, are a popular choice for homeowners in Florida looking for a durable, affordable, customizable roofing solution. However, before [...]

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